Mikuna is a Company that generates positive environmental, social and economic impact.

Local suppliers

We integrate small and medium-sized primary producers and productive cooperatives into our value chain. We also run a program for the nutritional improvement of children in need.

Economic Growth

As a private Company, we generate positive impact in the development of the regional economy, local producers and labor integration of disadvantaged sectors.

Agroecological producers

We promote the production of agroecological and/or organic food, as well as regenerative, sustainable and ecological productive practices.

Mikuna is a Company created by young entrepreneurs seeking to generate a positive change in the global food system.


Settled in the Northern region of Argentina, we developed an unprecedented Industrial Plant of healthy food. Its objective is the production of 100% natural snacks, following the social and environmental principles of the Company.


Based on honey, we have developed a cereals and seeds’ bar, with high nutritional levels. It contains proteins, minerals, amino acids, calcium, iron, omega 3, antioxidants and vitamins, among others. Quinoa, Oat, Sunflower, Puffed Rice, Amaranth, Sesame, Chia, Honey.


The added value to healthy food was translated into an innovative and attractive gastronomic proposal in the center of the Province of Jujuy, Northern region of Argentina.


We own an organic 25 hectare farm that supplies raw materials to our industrial and gastronomic line. In the farm, settled in Salta - Argentina, we implement innovative systems of ecological production, a fruit-dried plant, experimental research field and beekeeping, among other sustainable practices.



The Bar


Belgrano 996,

San Salvador de Jujuy.

Jujuy, Argentina

p. +54 388 422 5680



The Factory


Martiarena S/N

Lote 49 Mzna Rural

Parque Industrial Ing. Snopek,

Palpalá. Jujuy, Argentina